The stop sign ticket
is the easiest of all traffic tickets to beat...

IF you know how!

Attorneys hate stop sign tickets because they can't beat them, but if you knew what I know about stop sign tickets you would have a smile on your face right now.

Let's say that you have a ticket for running a stop sign. You might feel that it is a clear cut issue of "did I make a complete stop or not". Maybe you think it will be "the cop's word against yours". While these are certainly concerns, this is not what your trial will be about once you know how to win in court against a stop sign ticket. First of all I have to tell you that it is true that you either stopped completely or not at that stop sign. That is a factual matter that is not up for negotiation or story telling. However those of you who have been to court know that court is not about truth, it is about evidence, proof and testimony. The police officer will not have a video of you slowly rolling through a stop sign, nor will you have a video for the judge showing a complete stop to prove your innocence. This leaves most people with the false belief that a stop sign ticket is a ticket that can't be beaten in court. Again, this is not true. To beat a stop sign ticket quickly and simply without fighting with the officer or judge just takes some key knowledge of the stop sign law and a near perfect stop sign ticket defense.

How do you know we are that good?

I have been involved with the court system for over thirty years as both a citizen and a sworn court officer. As a citizen I have beaten two stop sign tickets personally (the only two stop sign tickets I have received). As a court officer I have seen thousands of court cases tried over 99% of which were lost by the citizen contesting the ticket. Why am I telling you of such horrible odds? Because I have learned that a stop sign ticket has a weakness or legal loophole that makes it the most winnable ticket you will ever get. I am 51 years old. In my life I have had friends, relatives, neighbors and acquaintances receive stop sign tickets. Because these people know what I did for a living they would often ask me if I knew of a way they could beat their stop sign ticket. On about a dozen occasions I have helped these friends and relatives by giving them what I call the "near perfect stop sign ticket defense". In each and every one of those instances, they walked out of the courtroom with a dismissal, no exceptions. I call it "near" perfect because I do admit that court isn't about "sure things". There is always the possibility of a certain cop, or judge or even the accused citizen making a mistake on a stop sign ticket and losing. I do say that so far of the stop sign violations that I know about, this defense has worked 100% of the time on stop sign tickets regardless of which state the ticket was given in.

We won't waste your time

This website is not going to give endless examples of how or why you should order this stop sign ticket defense. We are just going to give you one reason: This is a valid stop sign ticket defense that will help you win in court against any stop sign ticket in any state. The defense is customized to your state regulations with the addition of a state file and whenever necessary specifics to make sure that your state's definition or specific regulations are covered. The exact state regulation you were charged with (based on your payment address) will be emailed to you shortly after purchase (within one business day). If you received a ticket in any state other than the state that is part of your credit card or Pay Pal registered address, simply email us after purchase and we will send the correct state specifics to you at no charge. If there are peculiarities to your state's definition of the stop sign ticket offense that will help you win, we will cover that in your State specific email.

We won't let you be embarrassed

With this defense you will not be in conflict with the officer. It will not be your word against his. You will beat your stop sign ticket without offending either the judge or the officer. You will beat your stop sign ticket without entering motions, preparing or copying case law, asking for discovery or pulling any of the ridiculous and difficult courtroom strategies employed by many online systems for other types of tickets such as speeding tickets. You will not be asked to quote regulations laws or codes. You will not have to get official documents from government agencies. You will not be asked to go to the law library and do research.You will calmly ask the officer a few prepared questions (listed on the main page of the stop sign ticket defense) and make very few comments yourself (also prepared for you). After that in almost all cases your ticket will be dismissed. Our experience is that this system beats 100% of stop sign violation tickets but to account for human error and court corruption we claim a 90% success rate on stop sign tickets.

Do I have to be a lawyer to do this?
         Is this courtoom trickery or some wild claim?

When you order the "near perfect stop sign ticket defense" you will receive a six page download document immediately on your computer. You do not need to know how to dowload, it will be automatic. The document is not in any zip or compressed or attachment format that needs to be "opened". It will just be on your computer screen immediately after you order. If you were to have any trouble, just email us back and we will send you an email version, normally within one business day. You should save the stop sign ticket defense document on your computer for later use. The stop sign document is short because the defense is not drawn out or complicated. In fact if you don't care about the introduction and reasoning of this defense, the portion you really need to know to beat your stop sign ticket is only about a page long. This page includes the exact questions you will ask the officer. None of these questions are confrontational or "lawyerly". They are simple questions that the officer will be willing to answer and that the judge will allow because they are relevant to your stop sign ticket. The "near perfect stop sign ticket defense" is written by a court officer but given in simple terms that anyone can understand and use. You will not be told to use any legal mumbo jumbo or pretend that you are an attorney. There are no courtroom tricks involved. This stop sign ticket defense is comfortable for even the most nervous person to use in court. It works perfectly on any stop sign ticket regardless of the type of trial you want, be it a court trial (no officer), a trial with the officer present, a trial by mail (if allowed in your state), a jury trial, or a prosecution trial where you basically have a hearing with a magistrate with or without an officer or officer proxy present. It works in all these situations because it is a simple legal defense. If you can understand this website page, you will easily understand and beat your stop sign ticket with the near perfect stop sign ticket defense. If you have any trouble we will answer your email promptly (one business day).

How do I know if it works in my State?

We have researched the specifics of this defense in all 50 States. Many of the States require a minor adjustment to the Near Perfect Stop Sign Defense to make it work in that State. This is why, for each State we send you a short file telling you if anything specific is necessary for you to know so your defense will be "near perfect" regardless of which State you are in. This State file is usually a paragraph or less but in many cases it is critical information. This file will be emailed to you within one business day of your order (usually much sooner). The file you receive is determined by the address you offer upon purchase. If you got a ticket in a State other than your "home" State, just let us know in an email after purchase and we will send you the correct file. You can always contact us for this or any other issue.

Is this for real? Does this work in a real traffic court?

As I said earlier, I have used or helped someone else use this stop sign ticket system over a dozen times in real traffic court with real officers and real judges. I have never seen it fail. My experience with this defense is this: No judge or officer that I have faced (or helped someone else face) has ever thought of this defense or heard it before. Very few officers or judges have ever heard of it or seen it. It is not a trick, it is just something that no one else has thought of. They will be unprepared to defend against it or argue any aspect of it. It is not trickery, it is a legal and simple.This near perfect stop sign ticket defense can be used on your current ticket and used again on any future stop sign ticket that you might get. I do ask that if you order, for your sake and the sake of the relatively few who have learned the near perfect stop sign ticket defense, that you do not pass out copies and tell everyone you know how clever you are by showing it to them. This defense is like anything else. As long as it remains low key and relatively unknown, it will work perfectly over and over again. If it becomes overused, the courts could eventually change the stop sign laws enough to undermine the near perfect stop sign defense plan you are about to own. Feel free to contact us with any issues or questions you have about the stop sign ticket system.

If you are so good, do you have a good guarantee?

Yes, we have what we feel is the best guarantee in the business.

If you use our system in court and lose, we will buy it back from you at the full purchase price.

We will not be satisfied unless you walk out of court with a smile and a win.


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